House Our Heroes Illinois

Creating housing and employment solutions for Veterans, their families, and all protected classes.

House Our Heroes, is a community based organization led by Veteran servant leaders that bring together agencies and organizations to create high level results in disproportionally impacted areas. Our mission is to ensure every service member, Veteran, their family, as well as all protected classes, will have access to safe, and affordable housing, employment, and supportive services.  

Boots on the ground where they are needed the most

Serving the disadvantaged communities from within!


House Our Heroes Programs

House Our Heroes has multiple initiatives to support our mission. To find out more about our programs, click the initiatives menu below.

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“This is what happens when committed business leaders join ranks with dedicated activists to make real long-term change. By putting our proceeds where they belong and providing an incubator program that will support, train, and fund veteran social equity applicants in their own business ventures, this is truly people helping people to accomplish both the letter and the spirit of Illinois’ new Cannabis law”.

-Terrance W. Gainer, Vietnam vet and former Chicago police officer