operation House our heroes

Operation House Our Heroes is the coordination of resources in order to assist Veterans, their families, and members of protected classes secure housing.

We know that supportive housing in disproportionately affected areas has a positive impact on people’s health, employment, stability, and is a cost effective use of our scarce public resources. In all of its models and manifestations, what makes supportive housing work is its combination of permanent, affordable housing and voluntary, supportive services.  
House Our Heroes has created a model from research and participation from many contributors, teachers, and experts in the field. We believe it is a practical guide that helps to develop those voluntary supportive services. We know what it takes to put together a supportive services program, as well as specific services related to Veterans and protected classes, homelessness, employment, volunteerism, mental health, re-entry, and substance use issues. House Our Heroes strives to promote good relationships among building owners who are our partners in providing the “where”, supportive housing  alliances who provide the “how” , the tenants who provide our reason for serving them, and with the neighborhoods where we work and live to facilitate social and economic development. 
Our mission is to actively support housing providers and to build better homes creating communities, and move us closer to the day when housing is a standard component of every community’s effort to prevent and end homelessness.