Operation House Our Heroes

Operation House Our Heroes has teamed up with some of the most prominent business executives in the areas of finance, management security, and cannabis, to obtain licensing to operate new Illinois recreational cannabis businesses.

House Our Heroes will use its profits from the cannabis industry to promote housing for homeless and disabled Veterans to create jobs for Veteran social equity applicants. Creating a workforce of trained employees, who with financial backing from House Our Heroes, can eventually own their own cannabis enterprise, hire others, and create a grass roots expansion of Veteran presence in the bourgeoning Illinois cannabis industry.



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“This is what happens when committed business leaders join ranks with dedicated activists, to make real long-term change. By putting our proceeds where they belong and providing an incubator program that will support, train, and fund veteran social equity applicants in their own business ventures, this is truly people helping people, to accomplish both the letter and, the spirit, of Illinois’ new Cannabis law”.

-Terrance W. Gainer, Vietnam vet and former Chicago police officer