Small Business Incubator Program

Our social equity focused, Small Business Incubator Program, will be central to the success of our efforts. Participants in our incubator will receive best practices and individualized guidance from our leadership. We have structured our Incubator Program to mirror mentor-protégé programs that are successfully designed to assist individuals focused on enhancing their capacity to succeed in Illinois. At all times, participants will have access to one-on-one mentoring with internal and external experts who review and provide guidance.

House Our Heroes will also provide participants with financial support through our Loan and Support Fund for the participant to become a new entrepreneur in the industry.  Our incubator and community engagement efforts include working with organizations and local agencies to facilitate small business support and efforts to include Veteran, minority and women owned businesses to increase the diversity of our workforce.

Our Small Business Incubator Program will make our other programs flow from within. It is through this incubator program and its funding from our sale of cannabis that will drive all the other housing, employment, business development programs, and supportive services mentioned.