Supportive Service Locator and Management System

Statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) Supportive Service Locator and Management System (SSL) provides high quality, secure, comprehensive, and easily accessible geographic information to efficiently access housing and supportive services information. This system benefits all individuals in need, organizations, its partners, the local community, and the general public. This program is used to enhance client services, support sustainable growth, and to assist in maintaining an exceptional quality of life. We will design and build a centralized database for spatial data with detailed information on available procurement opportunities throughout the State of Illinois.

Our program warehouses, verifies, and displays spatial and distinct attribute data to intelligently place individuals in housing and employment that will give them the greatest community support possible. Identifying what’s most important to our men and women transitioning from service and all protected classes, is critical to their success. A similar web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application with a portal, is a central entry point that will connect Veteran owned small businesses to statewide small business procurement opportunities. Using the most advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, we designed a platform containing significant information (data sets) in a map to organize, coordinate, and achieve our programs objectives.

The spatial analysis measures impact efficiently, providing connections to candidates with opportunities, workforce to job sites, decision makers, supports sustainable growth, and assists in the targeted increase of employment or contractor development.